Monday, December 16, 2013

JeannieYong's wedding.

       13/12 Friday night after work we rush to go Kuantan for our Jeannie and Jump marriage. Once we reach there we check in to the hotel Zenith Kuantan (I think it's the highest building in kuantan). LoL. The room not bad but wifi and line is darn sucks! -.- 

              Kuantan - zenith hotel

The food there's exp for me la. One ckt cost me around RM30+haha.

        14.12.13 we woke up in the early morning to be "Heng dai" and "jimui". Feeling excited :D

And few of us lack of sleep :( just slept around 2-3hours and get ready go to the bride's house

Our small and sleepy face. Hahaha

          When we reach the bride's house, I saw her puffy face then knew that silly girl sure worried about many stuff and can't sleep well last night. Hahaha 

       She keeps complain about the make up and hairstyle coloring. But she's the cutest bride I've ever seen. Cause she so tiny and cute when she looks "mang zhang" some picture when I be jimui with others jimui. 

And my Thai friend I've more than a year never meet them. I'm glad to see them again.

All the jimui and the husband and wife :D

      And last here, I feel glad to be ur jimui I'm feeling so happy for u. I wish they both will belongs together and happy ever with the lil baby that coming to this world. Loves

Monday, November 18, 2013


Fucking stupid dad ever! Ma de! 



不久后,车主(他们的爸爸)回来了。他第一句开口就跟我说"我就是要给他们热一下!" 我的妈呀!这是什么父亲?你知道你的几个小孩是多么的可爱吗?你知道他们在车里的感受吗?他们哭得很可怜哭到我心都酸了。。。


Friday, August 16, 2013

My Burger lab

I love this burger so muchhhh. 英文不太好,写华语好了😂 

        这家店是在pj ss2 seapark 这里的汉堡包超好吃的。或许是因为有我喜欢的口味(蘑菇,cheese,),所以让我觉得特别好吃吧🙊  

        这是我第二次到这里来。想说我的好姐妹没吃过,时常听我说而已,就带她来尝尝😏🍔🍔 这汉堡是黑色的,包也特别柔软。我本人不吃牛肉,所以每次来都点了鸡肉汉堡。但他们的汉堡实在是太太多选着啦!所以只好叫我的宝贝帮我选,反正也打算会继续回来吃,所以就点了和上次不同口味的炸鸡汉堡。是还瞒不错的,但我还是喜欢他们的A++(因为有我爱吃的蘑菇)😁😁



你们也能用手机上网到他们的网址 那里也有目录可以选择哦😋

看她们的排队夸张程度😨 我两次去都一样〜但还好她们的服务挺快的😋 😭😘👍外面还摆放着免费白开水给顾客们享用哦。

No. 14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark
46300 Petaling Jaya,
Business Hours: 
5pm - 10pm daily
Closed on Mondays 

Ossoto Spa KL ( malaysia )

Last few months bring my two little sis went to ossoto spa. There just open in KL last two months, and I first time been here. The first Ossoto spa is in China, guang Zhou. 

They are doing promotion right now, only RM48 for female, RM68 for male and FREE for below 140cm, 12 years old kids. If normal price would be RM68 for female, RM88 for male. The price is include with sauna, steam, jacuzzi, fish spa, small cinema, small gym room, ping pong room, chess room, resting room, online room, restaurant ( u can order all the food from manu, Can eat until u pengsan. All is include in the price), tea place, ladies zone/room and others. It will extra charge if u want to do the body/foot/oil massage, manicure/pedicure, private spa,facial and others. That's a good place for ya family day in KL. here is some picture I went to there with my sis and another time with my friends :)

They arel provided driver to fetch U in KL area. At their building outside u can't see any signboard there. 

Ossoto Spa
Add: 5th floor, Wisma Mirama, Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Monday10:00 am – 6:00 am
Tuesday10:00 am – 6:00 am
Wednesday10:00 am – 6:00 am
Thursday10:00 am – 6:00 am
Friday10:00 am – 6:00 am
Saturday10:00 am – 6:00 am
Sunday10:00 am – 6:00 am

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back again and again.

       I'm back to my blog again and again. Last year i was bought a lappy but sell it dy on last few weeks ago. Cause it's too heavy for me to take it out. Now change to 12' screen asus lappy, it's better much for me =D some more i have sign for "yes" 4G so i can online everywhere anytime LOL. 

        How am i? hmmm.. most of the people will ask that when they see me. Hahaha..I'm still the same loh..Just almost became a ''yellow face auntie dy''. haha! Night life is getting less. For me that's nothing, cause i like and love to stay at home. But i only 20, i should go out more not? haha.. perhaps the boy will bring me out often after he settle down all his things and got free times. I'm not trying to say i want to like last time, just i realise everybody will die, you will, he will, she will and me too. Human just will getting old day by day. Forever remember, '' Today is the youngest day in your life'' =) that's what i always tell myself. And this also keeps to remind me, i should create some history, memories for my future. not a empty life and nothing to think back when i am a ''popo''. LOL

         Last posted was telling you guys why am i not continue studying. And now i felt that i didn't regret when every time i see my parents. They two plus together were 125 years old dy ='( like what i said, everybody will die, so how long i still can by their side? No one knows what happen on tomorrow, so just be happy everyday as you can, forgive them, love them =) My dad used to work until 7 or 8 pm everyday. but now he getting old and tired, sometime will ask me to fetch him back around 4 or 5pm. His memory doesn't good like last time anymore, keeps forgot what he did. Kinda heartache. When i was a child my dad used to open cola, sprite, buy food for me, but now turn me to open this all and buy food for him. And my mom too, house, shop all the things she one people do this all. Is our superwomen =* but nowadays her legs hurt, her memory not good as last time too and her face telling me she's damn tired for everthing.hmmmm.. so me also started to help her do a lot things dy.

other let's pict talk abit about my life =) some is last year pict =p

my baobei aiee

darling c2 and i'm c1 =D

my bro =)

always scold me that two people.But i never hate them. HAHAHA

my grandma , sis n dad

when bro's bday

my elder sis =) mom always say we both look alike. haha

i can't rotate this =( my bcde. i miss them!

dad n mom
the one who care n sayang me =)


will be continue again =)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hong Kong Trip Day 1 & 2

            10th DEC~17th DEC 2011 i went to HongKong stay there 7 days 6 nights. And i promise i will go back travel again if can. Cause there are shopping paradise for people who love shopping and the night view is so beautiful~  And they are follow all my plan to go everywhere famous in HK. And i'm 19 years old and this is very First time i leave my country(except singapore!) teeheeee. Anyway..i love to post pict more than spoke. Cause i feel that pictures can talk more than words. LoL

         The first day before went to airport. I went to Sungai Wang change the HKD. After this the clever one's car had no more petrol and we were stuck in bb road. My very first time in my life ever. =.=" Done all the things, then started to go airport.

Malaysia's airport Toilet. LOL

Once We reach Macau,
We bought the ticket from macau to Hk

in ferry
Macau 'sands' 

Reached Hk

and this is my room for  one week =)



So many people ask me about this hotel place and price when i post my hotel pictures. This hotel in Hong Kong ''sam shui pou'' name ' OVOLO '  so clean and nice. It's so small if compare with Malaysia hotel or room. But i think in hk that's standard. Price is around RM1200++ for 4 person, two double bed room per night =) if two single bed room is RM600++ around per night. But that's the price on dec 2011 might be changed  anytime. haha..

After we rest and all it's quite late already. So we decided to go ''Lan Kwai Fong'' for drinks =D

only 10* to 12* degree that nigh.

Lan Kwai Fong Night View

the place for supper in LKF after we had our drinks 

this is the police car i always see in hk drama. hahaha

So, This is the first night what we do at there. hehee.
The second day, once we wake up then go to shopping. We went to central, causeway bay, times square, habour city, sogo and others i couldn't really remember all the names. paisehh.. hahaa

the second day
Those old building in hk

the street always see in hk drama/movie in sam shui pou



mrt - hk

kena summon. HAHAHAHA!
  YES. he kena summon. Because of throw rubbish on the floor. what i can say is.. here isn't ur country mister. hahaha.. And he go and ask the police '' can tolong ah'' really LMAO! but lucky the police is good, he tells us we are the first time and tourism. Nothing if we don't paid it. hahhaa. But can't be too over la. LoL

and this is the place a lot of 'ban mui' philliphine girl. LoL

''SASA'' is everywhere in HongKong city~

after shopping =D 

very classic and pretty too!
the ' road show' lol

' G PA BAO'! PORK BURGUR! YUMMM! what we can't get in Malaysia!

  Last, show u guys what we bought in the first day =D

that lappy isn;t bought from there. only adidas original. LoL

try the diff brand with what i using.

the new one

tiesss, wallet, card holder,cosmeticss, sk2, and others.. LoL