Monday, December 16, 2013

JeannieYong's wedding.

       13/12 Friday night after work we rush to go Kuantan for our Jeannie and Jump marriage. Once we reach there we check in to the hotel Zenith Kuantan (I think it's the highest building in kuantan). LoL. The room not bad but wifi and line is darn sucks! -.- 

              Kuantan - zenith hotel

The food there's exp for me la. One ckt cost me around RM30+haha.

        14.12.13 we woke up in the early morning to be "Heng dai" and "jimui". Feeling excited :D

And few of us lack of sleep :( just slept around 2-3hours and get ready go to the bride's house

Our small and sleepy face. Hahaha

          When we reach the bride's house, I saw her puffy face then knew that silly girl sure worried about many stuff and can't sleep well last night. Hahaha 

       She keeps complain about the make up and hairstyle coloring. But she's the cutest bride I've ever seen. Cause she so tiny and cute when she looks "mang zhang" some picture when I be jimui with others jimui. 

And my Thai friend I've more than a year never meet them. I'm glad to see them again.

All the jimui and the husband and wife :D

      And last here, I feel glad to be ur jimui I'm feeling so happy for u. I wish they both will belongs together and happy ever with the lil baby that coming to this world. Loves

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